Sustainable Wellness

Hello!  This is Katie, the person behind Kbee Creations.  I have a passion for helping women find balance in their own life (especially after becoming a mom).  From my own experience, I put myself last for years and was going through the motions of life but not really living.  I ate my feelings, had no energy, and just kind of felt like a shell of myself.  I knew I had to do something so I could be a better mom/wife/friend/co-worker, etc, something to grab ahold of my life and really thrive and feel great again.

I ended up joining an online wellness club in 2015 that focuses on sustainable wellness with simple nutrition (without cutting out food groups).  The club also utilizes and a wide variety of effective workout programs I do from home so I can work out in pockets of time that fit my schedule and do workouts that fit my likes.  I love how the focus on mindset and accountability too -not quick fixes. I saw amazing results both internally and externally so I have been helping women do the same for the past 6 years!  I have learned that you can't pour from an empty cup so you have to fill your cup first.

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Some of the people in my Wellness Club and their results. Of course, this includes their effort and consistency over time.


We are not going for perfection here, we are going for sustainability and still living your life! This picture shows a mom who was putting herself last to a full-time working mom that works wellness into her busy life.  I like this picture because you can really see the transformation in my soul. Yes, abs are nice but not the goal.  The goal was to feel healthy and strong and alive again and these solutions and groups did that for me which is why I am passionate about paying it forward - don't worry you will lose the weight and trim up, but the internal transformation is also amazing!