Bath Time Towel Apron for your Pet


A must have for pets bath time. This towel is 52’’ long and 30’’ wide at the bottom.

Small breed: Wear while bathing your pet and when bath time is over bring the pet to your chest and fold the towel upwards.
Medium and Large Breeds: Wear like an apron to stay dry while bathing your pet. Your pet will probably shake off the water at some point during the bath, but if you are wearing the Bath Time Towel Apron, this will protect you from the spraying water! When bath time is over use the bottom of the apron to dry your pet.
Note: Decorative ribbon used in packaging may vary from the color shown.

Thank you for taking a look and I hope you enjoy this Bath Time Towel Apron as much as we do!

As always, be careful when bathing your pet. The Bath Time Towel Apron is not a pet carrier.

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