4 Ways to Fake Drinking While in Your First Trimester

Say you have a work function where you know everyone will be drinking and you are 6 weeks pregnant – too soon to tell coworkers, how do you hide the fact that you are expecting? Most women want to wait until after the first trimester to announce their pregnancy, just in case something goes wrong.  I […]

Unicorn Frappuccino vs. Smoothies
Surprising Findings

Everyone seems to talking about how unhealthy the Unicorn Frappuccino is from Starbucks. To that, I say, DUH!  I mean look at it…. (Picture Credit: Starbucks) Of course this doesn’t scream healthy. There’s 59g of sugar in their medium size.  What may surprise you though, is that this isn’t even the most sugary option on their […]

Plant Jelly Beans That Turn Into Lollipops (Easter Fun)

This activity was fun, delicious and magical for a three year old and he has already been asking about doing this again this year. Get small bowl and place a handful of jellybeans in it (sample a few just to be sure they are good 😉 and pick a place in your yard that you […]