Bath Time Towel Apron

Stay dry while bathing your little one!  The perfect baby shower gift, or a gift for a parent of a newborn to two-year-old.

Wear like an apron and when bath time is over, bring the little one to your chest and fold the towel upward. This creates a seamless transition from bath to towel for baby while keeping the parent dry. No more awkward transition trying to get a towel around a slippery, wet baby.  ORDER HERE

The towel is 42’’ long and 30’’ wide at the bottom and has a hood for baby. 

As always, be careful when handling a wet baby/toddler, they are slippery!

The Bath Time Towel Apron is not a baby carrier.

These were designed, sewn and packaged in the USA. They are also currently available at Blue Moon Gift Shops and Peanut Butter & Jelly.