Thank you for taking the time to stop by Kbee Creations!  

Kbee Creations opened in 2012 with the birth of Katie's first child. 
She wanted to decorate his room with something she made and
ended up making the alphabet out of crayons.  Others were
interested in her Crayon Letters so she decided to open up an online
shop.  Throughout the journey of motherhood, she has
come up with other great items.  Her favorite is the Bath Time Towel
Apron.  She would always end up soaked when bathing her baby and
felt like it was an awkward transition between the bath and the towel. 
She then converted a towel into an apron and now has a line of the
Bath Time Towel Apron.  Parents are constantly thanking her for these! 
You wear it like an apron at bath time and when bath time is over, bring the little one to your chest and fold the Bath Time Towel Apron upward which creates a seamless transition from bath to towel for the little one while keeping you dry.

Katie also has a passion for helping women find balance in their own life (especially after becoming a mom).  From her own experience, she put herself last for years and was going through the motions of life but not really living.  She at her feelings had no energy, and just kind of felt like a shell of herself.  She ended up joining an online wellness club in 2015 that focuses on sustainable wellness with simple nutrition (without cutting out food groups).  The club also utilized and a wide variety of effective workout programs she could do from home so she could pick ones that fit her interests and pockets of time.  She loves how they focus on mindset and accountability too, not quick fixes.  She saw amazing results and now runs these wellness clubs too!  

To join her free group click here: Strive to Thrive

For wellness club info click here: Wellness Club Inquiry Form



Do you provide International delivery?

Not at this time, but I am working on this for the future.


How do I return an item?

E-mail katie@kbeecreations.com to discuss a return or exchange if needed. 


What is your returns policy?

You have 30 days to contact Kbee Creations for a return.  However, if it was a personalized order, due to the nature of the item, we cannot accept returns unless we made a mistake on our behalf.

How do I track my order?

At time of shipping, you will be e-mailed a tracking number.  Most orders are shipped FedEx orUSPS, unless otherwise stated in your shipping notification.


Do you accept wholesale orders?

Kbee creations does accept wholesale orders.  Please email katie@kbeecreaitons.com to discuss which item(s) you are interested in, how many, the turnaround time, and pricing.